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Who is America’s New Hope? Joe Biden and Donald Trump?




2020 Elections mostly likely to be held in November. Though the exact date hasn’t been announced yet. The two names have already gained much attention after all they are running for the next president of America. Joe Biden and Donald Trump are making their way to reach the president’s chair to be. This would be the most trending and exciting elections of all time. The participation of voters is at a high level and the campaigns by the nominees would be even larger.

Bing elected for president will always interest you to the throwback. What have they been doing these 4 years till now? it throws shade on their political work and how they have been dealing with it. We would through a little flashback just to clear the air for our voting audience and for the one who is still confused to choose.

Joe Biden has served Barak Obama as vice president and he has been known for his political career since the 1990s. working under the eye of ex-president Barak Obama he gained a lot of achievements and was highly appreciated for it. Being a democratic nominee by his party, he proves to serve the nation’s rightfulness.

Donald Trump undoubtedly has played his role as the most entertaining politician of his time. From starting till now he has been highlighted for many reasons say it controversy with media members with his straight forward comments or giving opportunities to the youth to work on larger scales. He has both the sides to his stories and that something interesting.

In 2016 Donald trump defeated Hillary Clinton though it was surprisingly shocking for as Barak Obama himself was a huge supporter of Hillary including his wife Michel Obama. But the votes still declared trump to be the president of America 2016.

How did it turn out this way?

Hillary Clinton has been an inspiration for the youth especially the female youth. Many have been following her footsteps to achieve well. But who knew Donald trump would  be winning with all the critics? Trump had a strong background in social campaigns.  He has set all the strategies right on point and he had the strongest support system of his voters.

Biden has participated in the race twice before once in 1988 but that was an unsuccessful campaign. Whereas the second attempt in 2008 he ended up being the vice president.   Would it be this time America will choose him for his third attempt? After all, third is a charm and it might turn out in favor of Biden. Although running the first time Biden was considered to be the most potential candidate of his times.

Can We Expect Donald Trump to be the next President Again?

What does it take to be the president? A lot of votes with strong support. If we take out the ratio to be 2:1 mathematically ratio 2 seems strong. But does it hold the stronger grip over ratio 1? This is the criteria where Donald trump wins and have won in the 2016 seems like Donald voter’s percentage is less to compare but his supporters have got his back more firmly then decrease the ratio of the opponent.

What are the odds? The ongoing situation hints that trump may loose with the hype of its ongoing media situation. Students are strongly against him and supporting Biden instead.  But there is a percentage of students that don’t have much education about politics and social media ongoing war. Most importantly the white people can be the biggest achievement of trump. As per previous incidents, trump has been supporting them in all aspects showing his gratitude among them has been very often.

But Trump can be the best choice for the future career of the country’s employment. During his tenure trump has made it very clear and has won it by giving employment to the largest masses of students. He deduced the taxes for business and to an individual. This action proves that he knows what importance the business sector holds for its country. Moreover, he banned immigrants from entering his country due to terrorism precautions. Which has led a positive side of trump making his country as his priority of protection? Undoubtedly many critics raised and eventually the court lifted the order.

A president that came into power without the support of the army or military, by all his democratic strong voters.

His social media campaigns have turned out to be his career goals. It has been revealed that 2016 was Donald’s year due to the strongest social media campaign America has never seen before. Where Facebook played the lead role. Although now Facebook has stepped back due to the hyped-up situation of voting online and for any fraud campaigns.

But trump has more to his presidential campaigns. He always makes his way to the center of attention. For catching the eyes, you have to face critics after all there is a light at the end of a tunnel which seems very bright for Trump’s career.

A behavioral strategy is what trump is seeking for the presidential strategies. This remain the same but the way you implement it counts more. Trump has been active on the front by talking about the Covid-19 situation. He decided to lift the lockdown and to continue the situation but as always, he now has changed the statement and is emphasizing the covid0 vaccine which he has given hopes to introduce before 2021.

Although the vaccine would probably be available after November still the strategy of behavior to attract attention is always good to go. The ongoing social media war is in support of driving his voters to be clearer about voting if some are still confused, they might change their opinion. Whereas Biden being silent has not been seen striking any war for social media. It could be a batter choice for him just like Barak Obama when he was elected.

Although millennials are expected to vote mostly in favor f trump due to the controversial remarks of Biden previously has somewhere made a mark where they don’t feel like he can be good for their generation’s choice which is a good point in favor of trump.

Finance career can be shaped more precisely in the Donald Trump election which results in more influence of voters with high finances.

Baby Boomers Next Choice can be Joe Biden

The generational gap has always influenced society from technology to cultural aspects. Here 2020 election has the same turnaround. The generational gap. Joe bidden born in 1942 is now at the age of more than 70 years old running to become the president of America. Due to his age category, he would get the support of baby boomers. The ratio of voters from 60’s age is at high chances to make him win.

Joe bidden was selected as the youngest senate in American history. He has been serving the country for ages. He has been a big support in crime protection, saving youngsters from drug abuse, giving them opportunities to study.

His women supporters are expected to be at a higher ratio compared to the trump’s ratio. He has been supporting women since he started his political career. Violence against women was passed due to the efforts of Biden. Serving the ex-president Barak Obama would surely get him a few of his supporters as well.

Being a senior-most member would get him the respect of baby boomers. As they have seen him for many years and watched him grow. After all, experience does count and who would better know it then old generational people. Who is very serious about rules and regulations?

Although Biden is trying to get the attention of millennials as hey can be his support to win the election.  Students with good educational background can expect good from him. Biden is holding a law degree and the most years of his life in politics, who wouldn’t want him to take over?

The generation can either fill the gap or let their elders do the job.

Biden can be a good source of finance for the country because no one can deny the fact that he has a bridge of the old generation that could build a better future for the generation. he tried to explain it I one of his interviews that he is here to make the change possible with his full packed team leaders.

Joe Biden has got the strongest running mate

Among all the supporters what will be the strongest of all? The black supporters. This fact can be concluded from Joe Bidets running mate Kamala Harris. Kamala Harris has been supporting Biden and taking advantage of black people especially the women. Choosing her as a running mate was the smartest move from Biden and as well as for Kamala as she has got the direct ticket to the presidency in the future whether Biden becomes the next resident or not. To make her role stronger, she is standing by his side in every campaign giving her full support and asking people to make a wise decision this time.

 Joe bidden wife- his Strongest Support

Jill Biden is playing an important role in Biden’s support system.  The first second lady who has continued her work during her husband’s tenure. she has worked tirelessly standing on behalf of her husband making sure every critic is taken positively with genuine answers.

Through a previous political career of Biden. Jill was mostly out of it and made her career goals in studying and become an English teacher. But in 2004 when the election took place, she urged Biden to run the race as she was against the Iraq war and wanted Biden to settle things for the country.

Now due to more challenging circumstances, Jill is all up for her husband. Who wouldn’t believe she could be a protective shield for her husband when one of the protestors approached bidden, she immediately covered him, becoming the hero for her partner?

Covid-19, the Ongoing Voting System

The activity of voters is expected to be the highest among this year’s election. After decades a high volume of registered voters is almost 80 % which is recorded to be the largest volume till now. the interest is built due to the ongoing situation in politics. Though back in 2016, people were more interested in politics rather than in elections. democrats have been thinking about ongoing elections and have keen eyes on every move happening in latest US news.

Taking interest in elections and getting updates from politics are two different things. The research conducted about voting in elections tells us more about the behavior of voters. Being a Democrat means you need to select your president but not all the democrats to come out of their home to cast a vote. Some are just interested to watch it on their couching and nagging about it.

The voters would cast vote via an online voting system. Many online sites are coming together to take part in the online process some are Omnibalot voting or Appomni.

Opponents Activities So Far

The opponents are working hard to get to the top. Trump is taking more interest in COVID and suggesting to come up with a vaccine. Whereas running mates of Biden, Kamala Harris, as always making her ways engaging in the rights of people, has shown her recent interest in consoling the family of Blake. Which is again in support of the Biden election win. Biden has also seen to engage with the military person. His recent visit to Pennsylvania indicates the news meeting with union members.

Social Media Bans Campaigns

The 2020 elections have got more to it. and what could be the biggest turn out of Facebook banning the campaigns week before the elections? Though the candidates have spent millions on the campaigns they are still gauging over other sources. The Facebook initiative shows that they are protecting any kind of feud behavior that is expected from unknown sources.

Trump has backlashed blaming Facebook trying to stop his supporters. Whereas some have been in favor of it.

Latest Tweets

News with Donald Trump never gets out of sight. And the main focus of the news is usually about Donald trump’s latest tweet.  Trump has been pointing out Baltimore criticizing poverty and support Kimberly that we will bring it back with more of education and peace to it.

On the other side, Joe Biden on the view is encouraging the nation to vote for him in his latest tweets. Trump would be addressing the environmental achievements in Florida.

Joe Biden and Donald Trump are giving neck to neck competition being no less than the other.  Let’s see what America’s future holds for themselves.


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