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Who won the First Debate? – American Politics 2020




Besides wondering what American politics has come down to, we also asked “who won the first debate?” because frankly, both candidates were quite exhausting to watch. The first debate for the presidential election was historical in the way it unfolded. As the sheer amount of trolling came to its end, Americans had a sigh of relief. There was a time when presidential debates were used to cover major socio-political issues and gave viewers a sense of clarity on both candidates’ agenda. Those were the hours of elegant demeanours, powerful ideas, and revolutionary statements.

It would not only reaffirm the faith of supporters but also win the candidates some votes from the opposition. Above all, it was a time when candidates would respect and listen to the moderator. Unfortunately, the quality of debate has deteriorated to its worst in the last two presidential elections. If you thought Trump vs. Clinton was hard to watch, we would feel nothing but utter remorse for your soul. The first of three presidential election debates took place on 30th September, and it was a cringe fest.

Who won the presidential debate?

American politics has been dipping in the dirt ever since Trump got elected, but we still ask who won the presidential debate? We get to see so much drama on the media channels and twitter every other day. It is shocking to the point that it feels like our political institutes have turned into theaters. Grab some popcorn and have a blast as you scroll through the corny remarks thrown at one another by the real-life actors we call the American politicians.

But what happened in the first debate just set a new record for crazy. This hour and a half long discussion were filled with personal aggression, continuous interruptions, and gauche conduct by two individuals running for the oval office. The public reaction became live right amongst the messy session. Twitter started brimming with tweets by citizens expressing embarrassment over the circus show. Even Canadian’s expressed condolences for American people.

First Debate 2020

After the first debate of 2020 presidential election, everyone criticized how the candidates behaved so unprofessionally on public television. Add the laugh track, and it will look like an actual sitcom; it was that unprincipled. Moderator Mike Wallace should get an achievement trophy on how he managed to control the session because boy, it was a challenging task.

A tweet emphasized how we learn one thing from this session, and that is how tough the job of primary teachers is. Because the candidates behaved no differently than two kids fighting over a broken pencil in school. Let’s look at some of the major highlights from the event and analyze if there was a winner.

First Debate Lineup

It was a 90 minutes debate. The first debate lineup included the Covid-19 pandemic, the Supreme Court, the economy, racial violence in the US, and the election’s integrity.

First Debate Highlights

Though we got no concrete ideas on any of these issues, here are the first debate highlights. Mike Wallace asked the rationale behind the early nomination of Amy Coney Barrett by Republicans. To which he vaguely responded how his party has the right to do that as the elected party to the White House. Trump called Joe Biden a supporter of ‘socialist medicine’ to which Biden strongly disagreed. Biden opposed the idea of being dominated by his party; he claimed that he is the democratic party right now.

The second most crucial highlight occurred during the segment of racial violence. Mike Wallace asked Trump to condemn White Supremacists to which he refused and instead urged “HIS BOYS” to “Stand by.” It wasn’t too hard to just declare that he condemns white supremacy now, was it?

Trump also claimed to have spent millions of dollars in taxes in 2016 and 2017, denied many of his well-documented statements, and managed to make his own word-salad to answer the questions. On the other hand, Biden didn’t come off any better either. He submitted to his urge to use unparliamentary language as he said words like ‘clown,’ ‘shut up’ and ‘Putin’s puppet.’ It was not how Biden initially intended things to go. He began with handling all the provocations with a calm and contained attitude. He responded to Trump’s jabs with a laugh, but after a point, Biden gave in. What followed afterward was a rich exchange of aggressive comments that targeted personal failures, family disrespect, and blame games.

Winners and Losers of Debate

With all of that said, there were no winners in the debate, but there certainly was a loser. Biden couldn’t handle Trump’s bullying well as he was unable to make his points and came off shaky in response to the statements made by Mr. President. He still managed to stick to the facts and engaged the voters at several moments, completely pushing Trump out of the equation. Whereas President Donald Trump continued to behave the way he always does. Sticking to his irresponsible statements and contradicting his own previous comments.

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