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Why is Facebook Planning To Ban Election Campaigns?




In the history of social media, it has never happened before that one of the main focus of social media had banned the happening election campaign on its site. Social media are the major targeting audience sites where people share their reviews about the ongoing agenda.

2020 elections are on its way happening in November, Donald Trump, Biden Kamala Harris as a running mate is at full swing to support their choices of the future American president.

Mark Zuckerberg has declared that all the adds campaigns will be banned week before the elections. The haphazardness caused due to the mail-in voting has urged the presidential candidates to make harsh comments on fraud voting. But what’s with the banning of campaigns? Mark explained that to avoid any false campaigns that can lead to the unfair selection of candidates has made him take the step of limiting any such fraud just before the elections take place. Moreover, the anger will be reduced by not sharing negative thoughts, although much of the aggressiveness has already been started.

This could be the first time in history that media is planning to step back and save any misleading act. The tool would not be used to tell a lie rather it will be banned.

In the previous election, Facebook came out to be the hub for drilling out all the youngsters though its Facebook button “I Voted”. This ultimately led the youth to take more interest than usual. Initiating interest through such strategies could have been a worse nightmare for the Trump opponents.

Moreover, the assumptions that drew in the previous election concluded that Facebook might have been the main hub for letting Trump become the president. Due to the tools used by the Trump campaign strategists led him to become Americas president.

Trump Stated that the Vote will be Rigged in 2020

Trump making statements about media has gone viral. Twitter somehow has responded taking the lead with its privacy policy and labeled the tweets that they are violating in nature. Which led to limit the appearance of the tweet and increasing the security, the user cannot see the tweet until and unless they click on it.

This is a smart way of responding without any further controversies. After all social media is a smart tool.

A year ago, Mark Zuckerberg made a statement at twitter bans that a company should not hold the truth and let the users speak about the issue openly.

But now the statement on Facebook campaigns bans is that the companies should not run along with the voting campaign. Limiting any bad speech should be encouraged.

Although the candidates had spent millions on their social media campaigns, Facebook has continued to stop all kind of political adds campaign.

It has faced the backlash that was expected from the opponents. Trump managers are lashing out that it’s a strategy to low the power of speech for the trump.

In many criticisms, there are still few supporters as from the intelligence committee that it will be a full stop to any political fraud as Facebook campaigns are the largest social media advertisement platform in the US.

How do these Campaigns can be the Reason for the Win?

Recalling the old strategies, campaigns on social media, add and tags that lead to positive side attracts the large audience particularly the youth generation. Noticing the involvement of youth when trump was running previously, had been enormous due to the successfully ran campaigns that had been confirmed from known sources that this was the best campaign for Trump’s career.. All because of the few key point. Let’s discuss a few.

  • Campaigns show you the positive side of the election
  • Circulating adds can lead to immense audience attraction
  • Tagging on posts and pictures can spread the word in minimum time.
  • User get o see both sides of the story and decide for themselves
  • Pandemic campaigns were somehow mandatory

Social distancing is the new trend but what if we are not supported by one of our favorite social media sources, Facebook campaigns ban during the pandemic. All are well aware that they would be needing the support of media hell mandatory than any other source. Still, the campaigns are stopped.

This time the issue is more instigating than ever before. Due to the harsh comments of one of the politicians on social media that they are playing a game and that there would be unfair mail-in voting. These kinds of statements rushed into some bad circumstances.

Facebook’s Impact Overall has been Immense as Always

The US has the largest population of Facebook users and it has never failed to amuse its user. Entrepreneurs small business companies have turned out to be the most successful just by using simple features of Facebook. We have previously discussed the impact of Facebook is a vital change producer. In previous years Facebook has been the center of attention due to its privacy policies which have led people to doubt their privacy. Although Facebook has come out to be straight forward and solved most of the issues caused due to the circumstances.

Due to its excessive increasing users, Facebook always makes it to the top. But this time Facebook has stepped back from creating money and focused on how to continue the fruitful elections of 2020. Although this year would bring a lot of changes along with campaign banning of Facebook.

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