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Why Is the Harry Potter Scar On Forehead Most Famous? Real Story Behind it!




If we talk about Harry Potter’s scar, he gets many scars during his lifetime. In addition, he also obtained a few injuries that resulted in scarring. The one that was most well-known and famous was the one that he received on his forehead. It was the first scar, and its shape was like a lightning bolt. This scar was the result of the curse of killing that struck him when he was an infant. In addition, it was the scar that played an essential role in his conflict with Lord Voldemort. 

Harry Potter’s Scars
Place on Body
  • Forehead
  • Right hand
  • Forearm
Who gave the scar?
  • Lord Voldemort
  • Dolores Umbridge
  • Nagini
  • Scars were made throughout the events of the First and Second Wizarding Wars
  • Also, during Harry’s time as an Auror
UsageHarry used the lightning-bolt scar on his forehead to glimpse at Voldemort’s thoughts.

Harry Potter Scar Of Lightning-Bolt Shape

The first scar that appeared on Harry Potter was on the forehead, and it was in the lightning bolt shape. Do you want to know how Harry Potter got his scar? 

This scar was due to the murdered attempt of Harry made by Lord Voldemort in 1981. At that time, Harry was 15 years old, and Voldemort was struck with a killing curse. From the Story, it is also clear that Harry was the only person who survived that curse. It is due to the reason that her mother’s love for him that she sacrificed protected him. 

Due to his scar on the forehead, his enemies, particularly Draco Malfoy, made fun of him. He used the mocking name to tease Harry due to his scar, such as “scarhead.” This nickname was first uttered by Draco in a match between Slytherin and Gryffindor in 1992. 

Harry Potter always tried to hide his scar with his hair and glasses. He had long hair, and he usually kept them on his forehead so that other people could not see his scars. 

Realizing The Connection

The harry potter lightning scar on the head was starting to hurt whenever Voldemort was close. It also started to hurt whenever Harry was in jeopardy from the Dark Lord and his supporters. His scar was also burned terribly in 1995 in the graveyard when he was forced to confront Voldemort that was newly returned after a long time. 

In addition, it was his scar that gave Harry the vision of why Nagini attacked Arthur Weasley. It was the point when it became clear to Harry and Albus Dumbledore that the scar was playing a role in connecting Harry’s mind with Voldemort. They also knew that whenever Voldemort experienced any negative emotions, it would hurt Harry. And sometimes, it also happened that Harry looked directly into the thoughts of Voldemort. 

This incident made Harry Potter aware of the risk that this connection can cause to him. So, he decided to find a way to block that connection between him and Voldemort as the vision was becoming worse than the previous ones. For preventing Voldemort from investigating Harry’s mind, Dumbledore takes him to Severus Snape for Occlumency lessons. However, that practice was unsuccessful. 

Later in June 1996, Voldemort sent Harry a wrong vision by using and showed him that his grandfather was being tortured with a great curse for trapping him into the Mysteries department. Voldemort was about to possess Harry to defeat the battle, but when Harry paid attention to his feelings of sadness for his beloved godfather, as a result of which Voldemort had suffered from great pain. Thus, he pulled himself out of Harry’s brain. That was the moment when Dumbledore theorized that now he would never try to enter the brain of Harry Potter. 

How Did Harry Destroy The Scar Link?

Harry did eventually learn how to control the scar connection between him and Voldemort. When he was searching for Horcruxes with Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley, he felt how his scars burnt numerous times. The burning sensations were more obvious when Voldemort got angry as he was able to feel his perceptions and thoughts at those times. He observed that when he focused on feelings relevant to extreme love or anger, he could break the link between his mind and Voldemort. 

When Harry Potter learned that he was one of the Horcrux, he decided to break one part of his soul. He tried to kill himself, but he survived, but his link with Voldemort broke by destroying that part of the soul that was related to Voldemort’s Killing Curse. 

Harry’s Other Scars

The scar on the head was not the only scar that Harry Potter had on his body. There are also other scars that are famous. Among the other scars, the two popular scars are:

The Scar On The Right Hand

In the fifth year of Harry at Hogwarts, Dolores Umbridge, who was a Ministry employee, became a shield or defense against the High Inquisitor and Dark Arts professor of Hogwarts. She argued that Professor Dumbledore and Harry were lying about Lord Voldemort, and he had not returned. Harry was not convinced with her and argued with her on the return of Voldemort on several occasions. Due to his arguments, she assigns him detentions. She also asked him to write lines by using his own blood as ink with a Black Quill.

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As a result of it, there was a scar left on the right hand of Harry. Those scars show “I must not tell lies,” and when he tightened his fist, the scar showed white. Whenever Harry thinks about the Umbridge or touches her name, the scar on his hand starts to burn.

Nagini’s Bite Scar


Harry also had a scar of Nagini’s bite on his forearm. It happened when Nagini attacked him on 24 December 1997 when Hermione and Harry attempted to go to Godric’s Hollow. There, a snake bit him on his forearm. After leaving that place, Hermione applied some Dittany on Harry’s wound, and when he came back to consciousness, the wound was not completely healed. 

These all Harry Potter scars are common, but the one on the forehead was most popular among viewers. It is also reported that more than 5000 scar templates were tested to use in the movie. The selection of the right one was the most crucial task for filmmakers. However, the selected one was liked by almost everyone, and now people love to get a Harry Potter scar tattoo to show their love for Harry. 

Four Frequently Asked Question About Harry Potter And His Scar

What is the identity of Harry Potter?

Harry Potter glasses and scar on the forehead were the common identities of Harry Potter. Most people recognize him due to his scar that was a result of a failed murder attempt. 

Can Harry’s scar be removed with magic?

No, Harry’s scar cannot be removed with magic even for a skilled and experienced Wizard-like Dumbledore; it is not possible to disappear it. The reason is that it was the result of an unsuccessful murder attempt that was made by Lord Voldemort. 

Is Harry Potter a true story?

No, Harry Potter is not a real story. However, the author gets inspiration about Harry’s character from a real person that was her neighbor.

Why does Harry’s scar hurt whenever Voldemort is nearby?

It was due to the reason that when Harry was a child, Voldemort tried to kill him. He failed to murder him, but one part of his fractured soul entered Harry in the form of a scar. So, whenever Voldemort was near, his fractured part tried to get out and reach Voldemort’s soul. 

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