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Why Ruba Ali Is Your Ideal Fitness Guru




When we think of fitness and well-being, the first thing that comes to most of our minds is intense cardio and broccoli & chicken. Though this works for some, it is not sustainable for many others. This is why fewer people manage to stick to their fitness regimes despite an initial stroke of enthusiasm. But why is it that we somehow fail to do what others are doing to reach our ideal body and look? Why can’t we follow the same stride and champion our physical weaknesses? It has to do with many more factors than just your will power, as expressed by this fantastic fitness trainer. The News Engine brings you a great mental approach to health, which tells us why Ruba Ali is your ideal fitness guru.

About Ruba Ali

Ruba Ali is an Arabic-American fitness trainer in the US. She has a prominent Instagram presence with over a million followers and is dedicated to uplifting people worldwide. Ruba Ali’s biography tells us that she believes in health that balances body, mind, and heart in perfect harmony. Ruba also has a twin sister named Heba Ali, who is equally enchanting in her passion for fitness. The two sisters are generous support to one another, so motivation never runs out in the family.

Ruba is very public with her thoughts on the ideas of perfect fitness. According to her, people often forget that those who are happy in real terms are the ones that have shed many tears. The person who identifies with the struggle of being pushed down is the one who lifts others. Even the most organized and composed individuals have picked the broken pieces at some point in their life. Pain is what builds our character; we shouldn’t fear it. Ruba Ali fitness coach has the mindset of using pain as power.


What got her into fitness?

It is the idea of being capable of protecting oneself. Yes, the social media icon was once picked on as a kid. In her videos on YouTube, Ruba describes her childhood as troublesome. The twin sisters were just another victim of bullying in their school years. Wherever they would go, there were always some mean kids across the street picking on the twin girls to look alike or be overweight. It encouraged Ruba Ali and her sister to train themselves.

What began with self-protection developed into a fondness for exercising and staying healthy. Ruba wanted to become strong. She never cared for much else at this point. She would go to the gym to enjoy lifting weights and doing body-weight exercises with her sister. They would sometimes even use their creativity while exercising and have a fun time making funny moves. It was a time full of joy for the fitness icon.

Ruba and Heba are also very passionate foodies. Ever since they were kids, they loved eating food in all its forms without caring much of their bodies. Clean eating is very beneficial without a doubt, but adhering to it is adopting a particular lifestyle; not everyone is built for it. So, eating everything you love but in moderation is how Ruba Ali goes about it. In one of her clips, she described the time she was trying to follow the industry-standard of clean eating by consuming only broccoli and chicken. She found herself to be extremely unhappy with it.

Dangers of Impossible Social Media Fitness Model/Influencer Standards

In addition to her bad experience with clean food, she found herself equally exhausted on setting comparative goals to the very slim and lean fitness models on Instagram. She would increase her cardio and struggle with weight loss, but she was not enjoying the experience at the end of the day. This resulted in decreased motivation and uneasiness for her. After a journey of highs and lows, she finally realized that fitness is about many more things than just cardio and dieting. It was the moment when Ruba Ali understood the importance of that ‘happy’ feeling she got out of her workouts when she was younger.


Ruba Ali’s Fitness Choices are goals

Ruba Ali fitness choices always wanted to be a strong, both mentally and physically. Working out and training to improve herself rather than competing with other social media celebrities is the key to living a healthy life. According to her, everyone is on a different chapter in their life; it is unreasonable to compare your chapter 2 to someone else’s chapter 21. If you are a food lover, eat whatever you want but in moderation. Also, make sure you give your best in your workouts. Don’t cling to routines that make you unhappy; it wouldn’t last long. A healthy life has to incorporate mind, body, and soul. So, make sure you work on all three.

This approach is sporadic in the US, where many girls have this idea of likeability and self-love associated with looking thin. They would starve themselves and bear all the awkward phases to attain a standard body type in the process. Therefore, Ruba’s ideology feels like a breath of fresh air. We can all learn to love ourselves from examples like these.

Make Ruba Ali your Fitness Coach, Start Today with $1


It’s not done just by making Ruba Ali your Fitness ideal. We do need to get inspired as well as implement their fitness advice in your daily life. But, do you think everyone has the same body and physic to follow a common workout instruction guide? Well, a life-changing workout guide for every type of fellow is here, by Ruba Ali. From workout to Recipes of meal plans everything is explained in this application. Start today with $1, to meet your new fitness coach Ruba Ali. Moreover, this is just the basic package for everyone. When you go for a monthly or yearly subscription there is great saving offers too. Ruba Ali from her childhood faced several hurdles to achieve her goals. Helping out people and making it easier for everyone to have ideal fitness, Ruba Ali App is created. So, don’t wait to think as these Easy-to-follow videos are not available on Ruba Ali YouTube channel. This golden chance is exclusively to provide guidance on building muscles, confidence, and strength.

Exclusive Programs:

  • Workout Programs Designed for you: Follow easy and effective one workout at a time.
  • Nutrition Guides: Make your training more effective with healthy nutrition plans and recipes.
  • Easy-to-follow Exercise Videos: Practice Ruba Ali workout tips at home or in the gym.
  • Build at home: 6-week program to maintain strength and lean muscle.
  • Jump Start: a 12-week program to build a lean and muscular body
  • Full-Body Strength: 30 minutes HIIT exercises to increase muscle mass, burn fat, and build core strength

Membership Programs of Ruba Ali Application:

  • Monthly offer: $14.99/month costs about $0.49 per day.
  • Yearly Offer: $99.99/month costs about $0.28 per day.

In case of any issue or problem, you can talk to Ruba Ali directly through the contact option in her application. So, find the best program either Ruba Ali workout guide or complete Ruba Ali home guide is best for. Start as soon as you can, before it’s too late.

Why Ruba Ali Is Your Ideal Fitness Guru
Why Ruba Ali Is Your Ideal Fitness Guru
The News Engine brings you a great mental approach to health, which tells us why Ruba Ali is your ideal fitness guru. All about Ruba Ali USA
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