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Why You Should Visit the Stone Mountain Park




Stone Mountain Park has long been a pleasant location, dating back to 1838 when Aaron Cloud constructed the first tourist destination on top of a mountain. This particular place is a dream destination for locals and tourists alike. The mountaintop is Georgia’s most sought-after tourist attraction, with spectacular views overlooking the city. Not only that, but Stone Mountain Park offers a wide range of activities, entertainment, and events for visitors of all ages, and the Park already has plenty to keep you active and entertained throughout the year.

If you are ticking off a summer wish list, touring with friends and family around the area, or merely searching for the best activities to do in your vacation, Stone Mountain Park is the place to go! Let’s get into all the reasons why you should pick this place on your next tour to Georgia.

The Different Attractions in Stone Mountain Park

Stone Mountain Park is where thrilling experiences commence and excitement beckons. You will not only persuade children to set aside their electronics and enjoy the fresh outdoors, but you will also have a great day discovering all Stone Mountain has to boast! At this Park, there are more than a dozen places to visit that your children will enjoy. Wander amidst the trees on SkyHike, one of the country’s most visited open pursuit courses, or hit up the Dinosaur Explore, an immersive exhibit including enormous dinosaurs, paleontology tents, a dinosaur feeding wall, and so many Stone Mountain attractions for you to visit!

  • The Scenic Railroad: The Scenic Railroad is among Stone Mountain Park’s most popular destinations. This full-size train is from the 1940s and has several open-air passenger carriages. The locomotive goes 5 miles along the mountain’s feet, enabling passengers to enjoy the breathtaking vistas for the duration of the journey, which takes approximately half an hour. You may catch this train at Crossroads’ Marketplace Depot, where you receive an itinerary regarding all the departures. The Scenic Railroad is guaranteed to please everyone in your company!
  • Dinosaur Explore: In the Dinosaur Explore attraction, you may play the part of a paleontologist. This popular family attraction contains 20 life-size dinosaurs. They scream, roar, and react like the real deal! Dinosaur Explore is a must-see event at Stone Mountain, with photo spots, participatory instructional booths, and so much more!
  • SkyHike: Make sure to sneak in little outdoor adventures for the more daring family and friends at one of the country’s most visited outdoor family action-packed courses! The Skyhike at Stone Mountain Park lets you and your children take on a thrilling journey of synchronization, talent, and adventurous fun. You may pick between three different heights. The first is a 12-foot-high beginner’s path. The second path is a 24-foot high trail for more experienced hikers, while the third hike is a 40-foot high trail for the most daring mountaineers.
  • Pumpkin Festival: Hardly anything says autumn quite like Stone Mountain Park’s Pumpkin Festival! Their usual sights are available all day, but the Glow By Night event offers plenty of sunset entertainment. The colossal illuminated pumpkins, mascot meet-and-greets, costume competitions, and more will surely leave the kids wanting more!
  • Hiking: On one of the seven paths in Stone Mountain Park, you should go on a trekking experience. They have paths that range in length from half a mile to five miles, providing a plethora of approaches for walkers of all abilities. With tons of landscapes, altitudes, and other factors to consider, make sure you grab a copy of the route map; so you know where you’re going during your trip.
  • Lasershow Spectacular: Just because you have visited every attraction at this place does not mean you should leave yet. Come out to the Laser Lawn for their enthralling 45-minute Lasershow Spectacular, which runs every evening throughout the summertime! Although the event begins at half-past nine in the morning, you should arrive early to avoid the hordes. You will have to buy a Lasershow square online. During the Lasershow, the grids can accommodate a group of four to five people for socially separated leisure. Stone Mountain Park has implemented several operational changes to assist you in getting the most out of your Lasershow experiences. The seats get offered on a first-come, first-served basis, so plan beforehand to guarantee your spot and prepare for an incredible performance!
  • Stone Mountain Campground: Whether you would like to go live in a teepee or enjoy the classic outdoor experience in a tent, Stone Mountain Park’s campground offers an accommodation choice for you. You may either bring your RV or lease one with all of the facilities right on site. They also hire safari tents, which are more comfortable than a regular tent but not nearly as luxurious as a yurt. Stone Mountain Park has it all, no matter what kind of camping experience you are looking for.

Eating Options

Stone Mountain Park provides numerous tasty alternatives to satiate your hunger while you walk off your energy touring the place, including pizza, BBQ, and fried chicken. When you are in the Marketplace, it’s a good chance to find healthy options. They have a café where you may purchase favorite Starbucks cappuccino, and you certainly cannot miss dessert! Moreover, there are funnel cakes, fried Oreos, and other sweet delights available for your perusal.

  • The Commons Restaurant: Stone Mountain Golf clubhouse features The Commons Restaurant, barely moments from Stone Mountain Park Campground. This restaurant offers outdoor and indoor sitting plus takeout. It serves all of your favorite pub cuisine and a local beer on tap. Sit down and take in the beautiful crystal clear waters and mountains.
  • Big Rock Café: The Skyride Plaza is where you will find the Big Rock Café. Get some rest at the café before continuing your trek to the peak. This restaurant strives to satisfy all of your wants with comfort cuisine. You may choose from a variety of delectable flatbread pizzas or a filling hamburger. On hot and sunny days, the range of beverages offered will undoubtedly satisfy your thirst.
  • Base Camp BBQ: It is a camp that specializes in the most delicious southern barbecue. You may try their genuine southern-style BBQ sauce since it contains the famous Williamson Brothers BBQ. Furthermore, the meat has a rare mix of 16 spices, a common choice for tourists worldwide.

Is Stone Mountain Park Just For Family?

Stone Mountain Park is one of those places where it doesn’t matter if you’re visiting with just your family. Although you will appreciate it more, there are other reasons to tour as well. You may have corporate meetings, private celebrations, and even company picnics at Stone Mountain Park!

Allow Stone Mountain Park to help you choose a corporate event venue in Atlanta, which may be like looking for a needle in a haystack. The Atlanta Evergreen Marriott Conference Resort is tucked away amidst Stone Mountain Park’s beautiful greenery. You will discover the tranquility you need to organize. Not only that, but host your business conference at this site and with an adventure like this? It is unquestionably the ideal setting for a team-building activity!

If you are planning a large gathering, you’ll have plenty of space to accommodate your guests and more. Various of this makes it far more suitable for organizations of all sizes and financial constraints. Ballrooms, suites, an Amphitheater, a stunning Lakefront Outdoor Pavilion, and conference spaces are all available.

Final Thoughts

You won’t have to travel far after getting into Atlanta to discover the right place. For you, Stone Mountain Park will suffice. Enjoy the time of your life at Stone Mountain Park.

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