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Will Lewis Hamilton be seen after winning Formula One 7th Championship?




The question heard everywhere these days, Is Lewis Hamilton the holder of Formula One 7th Championship title in 2020? Lewis Hamilton the only racing driver who was able to beat Nelson Piquet and Timo Glock in his first attempt itself. He was on fire in setting several world records one after the other in the 2007 World Driver’s Championship. Some of his achievements are the consecutive podium finishes from the debut, the most points a debut season, and the joint-most wins in a debut season. Moreover, Hamilton won his first Formula One World Champion in 2007. However, he got his name written to break the World Championship of Damon Hill since 1996. He joined Mercedes residing in the position of Michael Schumacher in 2013. Also, he is one of the best paid by $100 million by the Mercedes. The media titled Hamilton as “Fight for Five”, as he succeeds in winning continuous five titles of championships in 2018.

The contract signed with Mercedes was to end in 2020, which made some people predict that he would lose his title in 2019. But he didn’t get his name down from the list of championship records. This was all from the past races, are you now wondering about what happened in the race of 2020. Did he continued to maintain his name in the same position in the record book or not. Keep reading to know about the Formula One 7th Championship 2020.

Lewis Hamilton wins the Formula One 7th championship: 

Holding hand in hand Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes have won six consecutive championships. They are the only team considered to win the seventh championships as well. The total races that are conducted are 17. Whereas, till today’s date there are 13 races that are conducted from which Hamilton has won 11 races. So, there are 4 more races to be played ahead. However, now there is no one who can turn side by picture by winning the rest of the races. So, once again the partnership of Hamilton and Mercedes is going to re-write their name in the title of the championship.

Ferrari’s record from 1999 to 2004 is no more: 

Their team is also known as “The Prancing Horse” as per their logo. Ferrari has teamed up with Michael Schumacher and has won the championship titles from 1999 to 2004.

however, were considered the most successful team. But Hamilton along with Mercedes became successful in breaking the team record set by Ferrari. Ferrari’s all the efforts were gone ruin. Ferrari called Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc in 2020 as the drivers of their team. Moreover, all the efforts and tries went in vain.

Lewis Hamilton unsure about his future plans of F1 career:

In some of the most recent interviews and reviews, it is noted that

Lewis Hamilton will is not sure whether he would be there in the next F1 race or not. As it is the news that is making every fan of Lewis Hamilton to ponder upon. As the contract of Hamilton with Mercedes will take its end in 2020.

It is a thing that obviosity and reality as well. Because there is no contract signed yet between the Mercedes and its driver. However, Hamilton also gives prediction to be there or not also, as he has many things that revolved in his mind. Toto Wolff the team leader, who owns the 30% Mercedes F1 team. On the last Sunday of this week, Hamilton said that he would have detailed conservation with Wolff to conclude at a point. He also says that he is aware of the mental state and ides of Wolff.

However, you will also get to hear that Bottas has signed an agreement with Mercedes in August 2020, for the coming next year ahead. There are many questions that are building curiosity in the fans. To clear all those queries, Hamilton at some places also states that he is thinking to end his career because he wants to give more time to his family.

Another reason that you might come across is that Toto Wolff will not be there at the position of team leader of the F1 champion. This fact is making Hamilton lack confidence. Although, no one is certain about anything yet. That what going to happen.

Hamilton disgust by saying that “Don’t Like it”. 

Hamilton is the driver who gets disgusted when it comes to performing the post-race “shoey” with Daniel Ricciardo. Hamilton is clear words said no when he was asked to take off his shoe to enjoy the fresh natural drink. It was a really surprising moment for the fans to see that. But Hamilton made it clear there is not such a big problem for him. However, he just “Don’t like it”.

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To get more updates about the further 4 races to be conducted you can keep visiting our page. You will all get the hot latest talks on every person’s mouth. All this news from the F1 championship race is from authentic sources. Even though, no one is certain about what will happen between Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton next. But this has become sure that their team is going to have their Formula One 7th championship title in 2020.

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