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WWE Superstars Performance in RAW 2020



On September 14th, WWE featured another RAW event named ‘In Your Face.’ The event was packed with exciting moments that kept fans engaged throughout its run time. The WWE superstars performance of Drew Mclntyre, Seth Rollins, and a few more participated in the matches. After ‘Backlash’ in June, this was another memorable day for the viewers. With major wins and chaotic moments, RAW would certainly not be forgotten for some time. The article covers major highlights from the thrilling night and some other peculiar things that happened on the night.  Keith Lee made his way to the ThunderDom through his face-off with Drew Mclntyre. It was a big night for Lee, but his thunder was stolen by Retribution. Other important battles were between Shinsuke Nakamura vs. The Street Profits, a backstage brawl between Angel & Andrade and RAW Women’s Championship. Let’s take a detailed look at what that unfolded in WWE RAW News.

WWE Context Of Weird Moments

WWE superstars list is long and wide in the context of weird moments that occur in and around the ring. The brawls in this event were not any different too. Drew Mclntyre first taunted Randy Orton as he hit him with three claymores as he issued Orton a challenge match in Clash of Champions. He suggested the match to be an ambulance match. Adam Pearce soon announced that Randy Orton is not cleared medically to fight at the pay-per-view.

Pearce further said that this added extra weight to the wrestle between Mclntyre and Lee if the latter secured a win. They both entered the ring and locked into a staredown. Mclntyre was later interrupted by Lee while he was giving an interview backstage. This led to further escalation in the tension between the two, and a fight broke out that lasted quite a while until the guards separated both WWE wrestlers.

It was decided before the match that Lee & Mclntyre would fight in an ambulance match if Orton failed to make it for the PPV. He didn’t, and the battle was full-on big boy action. Lee focused on Mclntyre’s broken jaw throughout the duration of the match. As the hard-hitting match was nearing towards its end, Retribution came in and started hitting both the wrestlers. The group charged them with back and forth hits, taking brawl to a messier outlook as’ The Hurt Business’ played in the background. This continued until the show went off the air.


The cage match between Dominic Mysterio and Seth Rollins was another crisp battle. Rollins asked Murphy backstage if he was ready for his vital role in the upcoming match? Murphy responded, ‘yes.’ To this, Rollins slapped Murphy a couple of times and then shoved him into the locker as he pulled him up by the throat. Rollins said that Murphy’s special role is to hold his position backstage and avoid interrupting the match. Rollins won the match with two stomps and went on to hit Murphy as he didn’t listen to Rollin’s warning and interrupted the battle. As a result, Rollin was determined to teach Murphy the lesson for not adhering to the warning.

The champions vs. champions match was also very nicely done as The Street Profits beat Shinsuke Nakamura & Cesaro. Dawkins hit the final frog splash to mark the victory. Dawkins brutally hit Cesaro with the Cash-out.

Angel Garza had a fierce brawl with Andrade. A fight broke out between the two wrestlers as the WWE female wrestler Zelina Vega announced that she is done with both of them, and she can’t take it anymore.

During a match between Ricochet and Alexander, Retribution cut the lights and came in with their own promo. They announced that they would take out the superstars who gave their soul away to the machine for the money.

Raw Women Championship was also a major highlight of the event. WWE Superstar Asuka defeated Mickie James and retained her title. Though the champion was hard to beat, Mickie gave her a hard time by making several comebacks and presenting a strong challenge. When the referee halted the match, Zelina Vega came in and slapped the champion. After the powerful smack, she told her to look out as she is coming for the title next.

Kevin Owens defeated Alistair as Black was distracted by the flickering lights. Black initially had a good lead but met with failure as his ultimate fate.

WWE superstars showed once again that RAW is an event of unbending madness and chaos. The event didn’t have a single moment of downtime and kept its audience on edge throughout its run-time.

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