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Many of you travel with your pets in RV. It’s a great way to go on vacation with pets, it’s even one of the most suitable vacation packages for them! You can therefore take them without any problem, in addition, it seems that animals love to travel!

Tips for traveling with your pets in a RV

Get your pet used to transport

To get your animal used to transport, start with short trips and gradually extend the duration of these trips. Some animals accept transport faster than others. Show patience and understanding! If necessary, tablets exist) to prevent the animal from being sick during the journey.

Check their vaccines

Remember to check your pets’ vaccines before departure, especially if you are going abroad.

Don’t forget the leashes

Important! Do not forget the leashes, whether for cats or dogs. On the one hand, because it may be compulsory in certain campsites or certain motorhome areas, and on the other hand, to be able to let your animal roam outside. If necessary, also consider taking a muzzle.

Check if your parking lots accept pets

Some campsites do not accept pets, remember to validate this point when you book your pitch! Also, remember to check that your neighbors have no problem with this cohabitation…

Put your details on your animal!

To avoid losing your dog or cat during the holidays, you can put a small tag on their collar indicating your contact details and the next stop on your trip. If your pet ever gets lost, it will make it easy for people to contact you!

Choose the right RV for your pet

If you buy an RV from RV dealer Southavenrv, be aware that not all owners accept pets. Here you will find a list of all motorhomes, vans, and vans that accept pets! For optimum comfort, some people have even fitted out the hold of their motorhome to make a niche.

In any case, the vehicles that are on Southavenrv are spacious, you will easily find a place in them so that your pet is comfortable and has a good vacation!

While driving, be careful!

During transport times, we advise you to put your animals at ground level, rather than high up (dashboard, on a piece of furniture, on a seat, etc.). Indeed, in the event of a sudden brake application, this will prevent your animal from being thrown forward or, more dangerous, on the driver.

A rule which also limits the risks: do not make your animal travel in the cockpit. It could annoy or distract the driver; it could also slip under the pedals and cause an accident! Moreover, be aware that leashes that attach to the seat belt exist, this can be a solution.

Do not leave your pet alone inside the RV

Do not leave your animals inside the motorhome for too long. If this is unavoidable, consider the ventilation (not too big so that the animals do not escape). The temperature inside can rise very quickly, which can be dangerous for the animal. The minimum is to leave your vehicle in the shade and provide water for your pet.

How is life on board organized when traveling with an animal in a motorhome?

Life aboard a motorhome with an animal requires a bit of organization. I travelled with a 50kg dog (Canary Mastiff), everything went very well! He was strapped in the back during the trips and in the front on the well-protected bench for the night. The advantage is that on a road trip we live outside, we are rarely inside the vehicle! When it rains it is a little more complicated, the living space is sometimes limited depending on the vehicle. But our various trips leave us only good memories.

How did you choose the motorhome you went with?

We used to go with a van rather, but we wanted to test a little bigger. We, therefore, chose a motorhome that was neither too big nor too small (about 6 meters). The motorhome had a bedroom at the back with a central bed. This left us with a closed room for the night. The dog thus had all the living space for him!

We also took a motorhome with a large living room on purpose to be able to accommodate friends while staying with the dog nearby. It also allowed us to have room in bad weather!

What advice would you give to someone who wants to go with their pet in a motorhome?

Plan everything well: health book and passport, kibbles, bowls and basket, and the essential anti-snore products… Remember to take your pet’s toys, this will allow him not to be too disoriented and not to play with them. motorhome furniture. I also advise you to take a good look at the campsites and motorhome areas that accept animals, it avoids unpleasant surprises! Don’t panic, animals are generally welcome.

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